Minnesota School of Music Now Offers Online Lessons

How do online lessons work?

Students enrolled in our online program enjoy all of the same benefits as our onsite students, albeit from the comfort of their living room.

Just as with our onsite lessons, online lessons are one-on-one, 30-minutes in length, and are held at the same day/time each week. There are no long-term contracts, and tuition is $138/mo.

Technology Needed

Most of our students login to their lessons using a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. There are no accounts to set up, no passwords to write down, and usernames required.

Just click the link, download the Zoom app, and wait in the virtual waiting room until your teacher admits you. That’s it!

Support at Home

To ensure your child has a great online lesson experience, you’ll want to provide them with a distraction-free environment. They’ll need their books, practice journal, a metronome, and a writing utensil. Younger students will benefit from some parental involvement.

Use this opportunity to bond with your child as you support them on their musical journey.

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