We are pleased to announce that the Minnesota School of Music will offer music lessons to a whole new age group. Previously a K–12 school, we can now offer specialized piano lessons for preschoolers as young as 3 years old! These classes are designed to expose little ones to the joys of music and playing an instrument, laying the foundations for success in both music and life.

There’s substantial evidence that exposing children to playing an instrument early immensely benefits their development. Shinichi Suzuki, a Japanese violinist, compared learning music to learning a language — the earlier you start, the easier time you’ll have become fluent. While we are not a Suzuki school, we have certainly seen this general principle in action.

All of Eric’s children began playing their instruments at age 4. NowCaleb and Ava are both accomplished players for their ages, and their little sister Lydia is taking her first steps to become a pianist. In fact, witnessing the joy Lydia felt to finally be able to do something like her older siblings inspired Eric to make these pre-K classes a reality. If your student has a younger sibling who is feeling left out, these low-pressure classes are a perfect fit!

Younger students won’t be expected to learn sheet music or music theory. Instead, our instructors will show them the basics of playing the piano as they gently help the children begin to memorize basic melodies and scales. This lets children discover many of the rules of music naturally, setting them up to better understand any instrument they want to learn when they get older. And, of course, because music lessons are about more than music, your child will also learn valuable cognitive and motor skills!

So, if you or a friend has a preschooler looking to get musical this summer, our doors are open! Just like any MnSOM class, parents are more than welcome to sit in on the lesson and watch. Our expert teachers are excited to help this new age group discover the joys of learning an instrument!